Francesca Genovese

Painter Berlin, Germany

Born in Matera in 1984, after earning a degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce in 2008, Francesca Genovese moved in the same year in Berlin.
So begins an introspective journey aimed at deepening a painting style is constant evolution.

My work looks at the intimate space where one questions themselves.
The imagery is a direct consequence of the urge to uncover the deeper fragility of the individual, who struggles to reveal themselves and identify in a society where there is not much place for anything other than appearances.
Intimacy is indeed an urge, a call to embrace the untainted part of being.
The subject, therefore, is caught in a meditative moment, almost disturbed, but also welcoming the viewer into a foreign space.
Without a context and in a timeless dimension, the subject lies fixed in an action that does not happen, but dilates.
It is in this research on the fragility of our most intimate self, that one question, among others, is raised: what is it that attracts us? Is it the punishment of guilt, or its triumph?